A Bad Case of Stripes read by Sean Astin

Bobby Bright’s Greatest Christmas Ever by John R. Brooks: Book Review

John Brooks releases the first in a five book children’s holiday series, Bobby Bright’s Greatest Christmas Ever. Illustrated by five former Disney/Warner Bros/Hannah-Barbera animation artists, with movie credits like Toy Story and Lion King, this story about a special little Christmas tree light bulb will truly makes your holidays shine!

The Importance and Value of Books for Children

What’s your favorite fairy tale? Each one of us could answer this question rather easily. Fairy tales are an important part of our childhood. Our parents read them to us at bedtime allowing us to bond with them and meet our favorite heroes in dreamland as well.

Christmas Turtles

Inspired by true events and the author’s diabetic Grandmother, Christmas Turtles is a 32-page festive hardcover book that was released in October 2006. The winter cabin scene on the protective slipcover is identical to the art on the hardcover. Perfectly complementing the winter scenery, the book opens to dark green pages – reminiscent of evergreen mountain forests.

The Cat In The Hat Book is a Kid’s Favorite

The Cat in the Hat, was written by Dr. Seuss in 1957. It is the first appearance of the Cat in the Hat character who also appeared in four additional books: The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, The Cat in the Hat Song Book, The Cat’s Quizzer, and I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!.

My Alien Penfriend – Book Review – Children’s

My Alien Penfriend by Faiz Kermani is a fun and unique science fiction fantasy book about a young boy on earth and his pen-pal on another planet. After joining a youth group that connects people across the universe, the boys write letters to each other and send them through spacemail, a futuristic version of email. These letters are used for a majority of the story telling technique employed by Mr. Kermani.

Time to Fly; Book Review

The children in my fourth grade class enjoyed this book very much. The girls (and I) delighted in the exquisite illustrations. And despite the ‘girly’ flavor of the book the boys also voted the tale a winner and assured that every girl will ‘love this book.’

Creatures of the Night

Author Brooks and Illustrator Wilson have produced a delightful work for children. Creatures of the Night is a 32 page picture type work. The narrative is told in verse. Illustrations are child friendly.

Thomas the Train: The Nicest Train Ever

Thomas the Train and all of his friends have brought magic into children’s lives for generations, and continue to do so tale after tale. Learn more about the famous train’s history in this article.

Review: Alice In Corporate Wonderland: Down The Long Hallway

Lewis Caroll’s classic tale of Alice Adventures in Wonderland was first published in 1865 and is still a favorite among young readers. Most of us will remember this children’s story as a tale filled with satire references to the author’s friends and to the lessons that British schoolchildren were expected to memorize.

Acclaimed Children’s Writer Amy Friedman Interviewed

Norm Goldman, Editor bookpleasures.com interviews acclaimed writer of Tell Me A Story Amy Friedman

“Whispers from Children’s Hearts” author Lisa Haisha: BOOK REVIEW

Lisa Haisha assigned herself the “project” of getting to know different cultures better through their children. She decided to ask the children a few questions that would not be too challenging for them to understand, but would give her some insight into what they were really thinking and feeling. This is the unique and inspiring collection of whispers author, Lisa Haisha gathered from children around the world – some are simple, others are full of emotion and feeling, and still others carry a great strand of humor and all of them will last because they carry truth, wisdom and magic.

Kitty Fantastic in Manroe’s Art Adventure – Book Review

Kitty Fantastic in Manroe’s Art Adventure is a 40-page children’s book written by the accomplished and award-winning illustrator Pamela Key. Her intent in writing this book is clear in this passage from the book: “If a kid does any kind of art at least three hours a day, three days a week, for a year he or she is four times more likely to win an award for writing or be recognized for academic achievement and three times more likely to be elected to …

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