A Tale of Two Beasts read by Sarah Silverman

Newberry Award Winner Princess Academy

The teenage years are fraught with misunderstanding and uncertainty. These young men and women usually misunderstand their parent’s actions and feelings. Their eyes see life from such a different perspective that their parents and other adults.

Childrens Book Clubs – Buyer Beware

If you have looked at childrens book clubs, you’ve probably seen the great deals they offer, such as “Get 6 books for $2 plus a free gift!” Sounds great right? It depends. Keep reading to see if joining a book club makes sense for you.

Who Is Brer Rabbit?

We all love Brer Rabbit, and for generations his stories have been told to families. His stories may have been re-written by different authors, including the famous Enid Blyton, and he even stared in a Disney movie, but the basis of his stories never change, the rascal.

Stop The Bull – Cyber Bullying: Review

Your kids are constantly on the internet. They could very well be the victims of cyber bullying. Understand everything you need to know what this form of bullying entails.

A Book Review: Novel “Summer Break” Is A Fresh Breath Of Air

This novel, The Summer Break, is written by my former student Nirupama Akella under the pen name of Nirupama Rao. I had agreed to write a review of her first published novel when she had been writing her thesis under my guidance.

Amar Chitra Katha

Amar Chitra Katha – a source of Indian and Hindu mythology. It is told in simple, easy-to-understand English with pictures in front and narration below. It has been helping Indian children understand their culture and also helped in creating the habit of reading for children.

Yalu and The Puppy Room – Super Cute Read – Loved It!

Yalu the puppy lives at a kennel, and she is looking for her forever home. Will she find it?

Children’s Book Publishing

Children’s books are among the top selling books in the publishing business. It’s no wonder. Children have loved stories for thousands of years, passed down through the centuries by their parents.

Illustrations Have Great Importance in Children’s Books

The essence of illustration is highly found in children’s books. Children always welcome the art of imagination to written texts. They are always attracted t the world of colors and visual fascinations that comes in the form of cartoon and comic illustrations.

The Phonic Book Industry Has Revolutionized Reading

The phonic book industry makes it possible for a child to obtain the necessary reading skills at any level. Whether the child is school-aged or has yet to attend school, many of the products that are offered provide children with resources that will benefit them throughout their years of learning. Getting a proper understanding of the basic concepts of the English language and word and sound building is key to having a successful academic career.

Benefiting From The Phonic Book Industry

The phonic book industry offers new readers with numerous invaluable tools that can get them geared for reading success. Establishing a basic understanding of the basic principals of the English language and letter system is a phenomenal way to skills that are necessary to thrive throughout one’s academic career. By providing your child with the right resources at an early age you can give them a superior advantage that will carry throughout life.

Changes In The Phonic Book Industry

Teaching reading using the phonics method is not new. For many years, it was part of the American teaching system. Unfortunately, this was dropped when the method of ‘immersion’ or ‘whole language’ came into play. Under this system, the stories were read to the children rather than the children reading them, themselves. While phonics was teaching children reading by means of the sound of a letter, this method concentrated on simply recognition of the word itself. When this method was popular, the phonic book industry was practically out of business.

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