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Did you know that the planets are the original superheroes of myth and legend? In western and many other mythologies, Mars is the God of War, Venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Mercury the Messenger, Uranus the Magician, Jupiter the God of Justice, Saturn is Old Father Time, and Neptune the God of the Deep. Our little blue green planet, Earth, is very often referred to as Mother Earth.

These characteristics are no better personified than in the Playful Planets book series which is available all over planet Earth from Amazon.com.

In the Playful Planets, MARS is Mr Bully – the God of War, Veronica VENUS is the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Mickey MERCURY is the Mischievous Messenger, Jovial Jove is JUPITER – the God of Justice, SATURN is Chronos – Old Father Time, Uri URANUS is the Magician, and Neville NEPTUNE is the Good of the Deep. Not to forget Maggie Mother EARTH, where we live.

The names of the days of the week reflect the names of the planets in many languages, especially those of Latin derivation. In Spanish, for example, Monday is Lunes from Lunar for the Moon, Tuesday is Martes from Mars, Wednesday is Miercoles from Mercury, Thursday is Jueves from Jupiter, and Friday is Viernes from Venus. In English, Saturday is the original Sabbath day, from Saturn, and Sunday is the day of the Sun.

The month of March is likewise named after the planet Mars, and January is strongly linked with Uranus is many languages and cultures.

The planets of our solar system certainly held a fascination for our ancestors, even though they were just tiny dots in the sky … and they didn’t enjoy the benefit of telescopes to view them back then.