Arnie the Doughnut read by Chris O’Dowd

Book Review: Amelia’s Family Ties

Amelia’s father, who has been absent from her life so long, she doesn’t even remember him, has written back to her. The letter is the only thing she’s ever gotten from her dad, and “It felt like a time bomb.” That’s how Amelia’s Family Ties, by Marissa Moss, begins.

Mermaid Queen: A Book Review

Based on the true story of Annette Kellerman, who made a big splash in her time as both an athlete and a swimming fashionista, Mermaid Queen seeks to inspire young girls to follow their own dreams by presenting them with a lovable, spunky heroine who overcame physical handicaps to become a famous, world-class performer. As a child, Annette was hardly able to walk, but found freedom once her father taught her how to swim. The water became a place for her to mimic the beautiful dancers she saw her parents teaching everyday in her home, and eventually she found a way to combine her two greatest loves: she created water ballet. She was also a leader in the evolution of present day bathing suits for women, as her costumes created quite a stir, and other women began to realize that there were other options to heavy bathing dresses.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon – Book Review

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is a Newberry Honor book by Grace Lin that describes the epic quest that a young girl, Minli, undertakes in order to improve the fortune of her desperately poor family. Along the way she meets a dragon, a king, a ferocious green tiger and a host of helpful people. It’s the most delightful children’s book I’ve read in years.

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz – A Book Review

Ever imagine you were a top-level spy? Fourteen-year-old Alex Rider never had. But he finds himself becoming one anyway, in the first Alex Rider book, Stormbreaker, by Anthony Horowitz.

Ordinary Boy, Book One by William Boniface – A Book Review

Imagine growing up in a city where everyone has some sort of superpower. Everyone, that is, except you. That’s the situation for the main character in The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy: The Hero Revealed. It’s the first in a series by William Boniface. Here’s why I think it deserves more attention.

Reluctant Readers’ Favorite Authors

If you know a child who doesn’t like to read, you may have tried everything short of banging your head against a wall to get him or her to pick up a book. While part of the magic involved in finding material a kid will enjoy is matching the subject matter to the child’s interests, there are some writers who have wide appeal. Here are some favorite authors of reluctant readers and kids in general.

Reading With Your Child Can Help Development and Schooling

These days many parents may believe that the best way to keep their children occupied is to sit them in front of the television or a video game and enjoy the period of silence and peace that this can bring. Whilst there are some benefits and limited learning from this, all too often the temptation is to indulge children in this too much and this can lead to attention problems or reluctance to do other important activities such as homework or even outdoor exercise.

Complete Your Children’s Book Collection

One of the most memorable and favourite past times we have as kids is learning to read, and there is nothing better than to get your child into reading and help them build their very own book collection. There are so many great kids books out there, often in the form of vast collections featuring their favourite TV and film characters, that it’s easy to help them fall in love with reading. Furthermore there are also many online book stores that offer these collections at affordable prices, so why not get your child into reading with one of their favourite characters?

Aren’t Books Necessary Anymore?

“Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and The Fog Prince”, these are some fairy tales that I had loved when I was a child. At that time, I told my mother to buy these books for me. I’d think not only me but also other children like to read these books.

Tell It Again!

A brilliant book on how to tell traditional folk-tales and ensure an interested audience. It is interactive and will have kids hang on your lips.

From Lucky To Legendary – Jim Dale’s Reading Of The 7 Harry Potter Audio Books

People dozens of years from now are going to recognize Jim Dale’s rich baritone voice. At seventy-five, Mr. Dale is the narrating voice of Harry Potter and over two-hundred different character voices in the Harry Potter audiobooks.

How Jim Dale Performs The Harry Potter Audio Books

Lots of folks talk about the level of detail put into creating the Harry Potter books and films, but only a handful know the story behind Jim Dale’s performance of the 7 Harry Potter audio books. Were you aware that when Jim performed the audio books, he…

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