Brave Irene read by Al Gore

God Has a Purpose For Me by LaRonda Koffi, Illustrated by Victor Guiza

“God Has a Purpose for Me” is a uplifting story with a captivating message for children ages four through seven. LaRonda Koffi’s creative narrative and Victor Guiza’s beautiful colorful illustrations draw the young reader to respond to this enchanting story. Victor’s pictures reflect joy and excitement that endear the Aya and her friends to the reader. While attending the worship service in her church Aya became enthralled with the thought of fulfilling God’s purpose for her life.

The Ark, the Reed, & the Fire Cloud by Jenny L Cote

“The Ark, the Reed, & the Fire Cloud” is a fantasy story and allegorical. The story is reminiscent of C. S. Lewis and his Chronicles of Narnia series. Jenny L. Cote captures the imagination of the juvenile reader to help them understand God’s provision and preservation. Cote has created a fresh interpretation of the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark. Max, a young Scott Terrier and Liz, a petite black cat from France are the central characters.

For the Love of St Nick by Garasamo Maccagnone

Life changed dramatically for Tiger when Johnny, his younger brother, Johnny, was born. Tiger’s mother died while giving birth to Johnny. Oxygen deprivation at his birth left Johnny listless and with a weakened immune system. Johnny was susceptible to every virus that came along. During Johnny’s third year the family moved to the state of Michigan where, the Commander, the boys’ father, was transferred to serve as a Navy officer on loan to the U. S. Air Force on special assignment.

Author Combines Wonderful Story and Environmental Issues to Produce a Great Book

In writing an environmentally-friendly book, they were able to bring adult and child together in a new way that hasn’t been known to man in a very long time. By reading this book, you will see that it has the power to rekindle any mind, young or old.

Billy and the Birdfrogs by B B Wurge

“Billy and the Birdfrogs” is a zany story of adventure beneath the streets of New York City. Billy’s mother was a paleontologist. Billy’s father worked as her head assistant on her archaeological projects. While still a young child Billy’s mother mysteriously disappeared. As a result of her disappearance his father deserted Billy. As the story begins Billy is living with his unconventional grandmother. The Manhattan townhouse where Billy lives with his grandmother contained and underground passage.

Children’s Books – How to Choose the Right Book For Your Child

Choosing books for children is a challenge which should be met with care. So how should we go about making the right choices for our child?

The Adventures of Songha – Wonderful Children’s (and Cat Lovers) Book!

Come learn of a new breed of cat in this wonderful children’s story. Songha is a savannah cat. Her father is an African Serval Leopard, her mother is a domesticated cat…which makes her just a little bit ready to admit to her “wild” side once in awhile. Beautifully illustrated and covered!

Grandma’s First Computer by Linda Hayes

Imagine how nervous you felt when you bought your first computer. You may have worked on a computer at your job. If you worked on a computer at your job, at least you had some knowledge about computers and how to work them. Now imagine you are an elderly person and know nothing about computers.

From God to Man

An intriguing fictional book tells how God created the world in seven days. Of course, this was according to His time and not ours. It is educational and entertaining. Aren’t you curious to know how the universe might have been created? Adults will enjoy it, too!

A Wrinkle in Time Book Review

I recently read A Wrinkle in Time for the second time in my life. Meg Murray’s father is a scientist, and he’s missing. Along with the help of her brother (Charles), a school friend (Calvin) and some other-worldly friends (including Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which and Mrs. Whatsit), they’re seeking to find and retrieve the missing scientist. The three children must travel through time and space and confront many opposing forces, including one another.

Heroes Are Made Not Born – Summerland by Michael Chabon – Book Review

Heroes are made not born. Joseph Campbell said that a hero is someone who has done something beyond the normal range of achievement. In this book review, I’ll discuss what it truly means to be a hero, how to find this quality in your very heart and how in stories you can find the courage to triumph over your adversaries.

Sweet Pickles Books

A extremely popular children’s book series during the late 1970’s was called Sweet Pickles. There were three authors of the series, and they were Richard Hefter, Jacquelyn Reinach, and Ruth Lerner Perle. The series title takes it’s name from the predicaments, (or pickles) that the main characters seem to find them selves in.

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