Carla’s Sandwich read by Allison Janney

Dr Seuss Book Sets

A brief synopsis about the genius and books of Dr Seuss. Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr Seuss) was a brilliant story teller, illustrator and keen observer of human nature. How Dr Seuss evolved into one of the most well-loved writers of children’s books in the 20th century and beyond.

Social Studies Activities – History Pockets Book Review

One of the best sources for easy, hands-on social studies activities is the History Pockets series of books. These books provide many ideas for history activities without much planning or preparation for the teacher.

Why JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Series Isn’t Just For Children

The following is an article that explores the literary depth of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. As a creative writing major, I’ve found some interesting parallels in her work, which explores the human condition, the struggle between good and evil, and the propensity as human beings to act in the face of adversity.

What is “The Hole Story” Behind the Success of Ruthie Darling’s Latest Children’s Book?

As parents it’s often hard to find a Children’s Book that really makes our children think, one which opens their minds and imagination and really gets those neurons firing. There are so many children’s books on the market that really are not so great, and some are on the shelves because of the author’s stardom or the author’s connections into the publishing business. Still, as parents we know the difference, and yes, I think our kids do too.

Why Eating Bogeys is Good For You – A Review of This Children’s Reference Book

Guess what just popped through the letterbox. From the millions of children’s books out there my 8 year old’s grandparents chose “Why Eating BOGEYS Is Good For You”. It looks like they struck gold though because as soon as the envelope was ripped off, he (Ben) couldn’t put it down.

Children’s Book – A Great Learning Tool As Well!

A fable that helps both children and adults learn about fun time versus teaching time. Because a father was always training his children, a young lad takes off on his own to have fun at fishing! But when he goes near the lake, he is captured and imprisoned–beneath the water!

Grandma’s First Computer – Fun Learning Book For Children and Adults

I think in every family, there is at least one older member who has absolutely no understanding of the “potential” of computers. Some, like my sister, have no desire to learn either.

Audio Books Are Effective Learning Tools

Audio books are important especially to children who are just starting to read. It helps them develop their sense of association to how the words look like to how the letters are placed together and how the words are pronounced. They are effective learning tools.

Nine is Divine! How Dr Seuss Shaped My Thinking

Life is serious. Just think about it for a moment – All kinds of child like wonders and accomplishments evaporate when we have to be responsible, serious adults. So, I’ve been thinking. What if I looked at life the same way I did when I was a wee lass?

Buy Books by American Authors

Suddenly, it occurred to me… I have all of the Harry Potter books. What is wrong with me – none are written by an American Author. I am an American, you know. J.K. Rowling is from the UK and probably richer than the Queen of England. This is CRAZY! Not to knock J.K. Rowling’s writing gift and not to sound prejudice but Americans who purchases children books need to purchase books written, sold and published by Americans.

Penny and Rio – The Locked Doghouse Mystery

Penny and Rio find themselves paw deep in their latest mystery when Hobbes, a huge Great Dane and new next door neighbor seeks them out for their expert detective skills. Not one to be easily intimidated, Penny stands her ground and listens intently of the new case thrust upon them.

Caves, Cannons and Crinolines

Book review of Caves, Cannons and Crinolines. Immerse yourself in this time period and the pages will come alive.

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