Chester’s Way read by Vanessa Marano & Katie Leclerc

Auntie’s House

Auntie’s House by children’s author Dawn Aldrich and illustrated by Michael Aldrich was recently released by Halo Publishing International. The first thing readers will notice are the illustrations, which are filled with rich orange and green colors; nature-filled scenery with lovely smiling faces, healthy women that seem to have a good relationship, and a cozy home. The back cover claims that the book is about the trust between the adult sisters in caring for the child and that the mother will return at the end of the day – but I didn’t see that upon the first reading.

Book Review – The Get Rich Quick Club by Dan Gutman

Want to teach your kids some basic lessons in economics. Have them read The Get Rich Quick Club by Dan Gutman and next thing you know they will be operating an at-home business and generating P&L statements.

Looking For a Fun Way to Introduce Geometry? Try Reading the Greedy Triangle

The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn Burns is a great book to introduce kids to geometry. It covers basic shapes and gives children an understanding of pentagons and hexagons.

Raise a Reader With Children’s Audio Books

We all know how short children’s attention span is. If teeners can appreciate 30-second flashy MTV images, can you imagine how fast should any images or sounds go when it comes to children, if only to hold their attention? Children’s audio books have resolved that good.

Pets Come in All Sizes and Shapes

How do you choose the right pet or the best pet to fit your personality. Three new series of books about pets will guide you through the selection, care, and responsibility of pet ownership.

New Children’s Book is Throwback to Yesteryear

As a parent, I have been discouraged when browsing the available selections for young readers. Whatever happened to “How to Eat Fried Worms”, “The Great Brain”, “Henry Reed”, or “Ramona the Pest”? It seems now as if children’s books only consist of witches, sorcerers, and vampires? What happened to the innocence?

The 2009-2010 Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominees

The Texas Bluebonnet Awards is a program designed to get kids reading. Kids nominate and vote for their favorite books. The final list of nominees and winners are all great books that will encourage your child to read.

My Favourite Harry Potter Character

Who is my favourite Harry Potter character? One writer explains why he picked this particular character.

Top 10 Board Books For Toddlers

I put together a list of my favorite board books to read to toddlers. This is a great selection for bedtime reading.

Book Review – Tall Tales by Karen Day

Do you remember the first book you read that was so great you did not want to stop reading? Tall Tales by Karen Day is that book for my daughter, Taylor. I had been struggling with her every day after school to read for 30 minutes.

Make Family Devotions Exciting With Devotions For Families That Can’t Sit Still by Carolyn Williford

When you call your kids for family devotions, do they roll their eyes and say, “Boring….” ? Family devotions with your kids can easily become routine, repetitive, and unimaginative. Here’s a way to recapture the imagination and creativity of your children, even if they have always been bored by that family time called “devotions.”

The Polar Express – What a Wonderful Story!

The Polar Express is a true story of the spirit of Christmas. It involves a boys adventure to the North Pole to meet Santa and his Reindeer. He is chosen to chose any toy he wants but instead he chooses a bell from a Reindeer’s harness. What happens to that bell and what meaning does it hold? You’ll have to read the book to find out! Here is a quick summary without giving away the entire story.

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