Enemy Pie read by Camryn Manheim

Ten Children Books For Daily Reading

Everyone knows it is important to read every day to your children, and they say it is even beneficial to read the same books over and over again. Here is a list of books that have passed the child AND parent test for enjoyability, even after years of reading them, and reading them, and…

Children’s E-Books and the New E-Book Reader

The New E-Book Reader. What does it mean for Children’s Books? The End of the Novel at last or a New Beginning?

Winnie the Pooh – The Winnipeg Connection

The famous story book bear character “Winnie the Pooh” has a real life connection back to the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. When one realizes the world wide impact that resulted from the story book character of Winnie the Pooh to children throughout the world and in many different languages and cultures, one can envision the admiration and love that young Christopher Milne had for the black bear cub “Winnipeg” or “Winnie” the Pooh for short.

How Can Your Children Learn About Tractors and Machinery?

As our world gets more and more sophisticated and complex, our children must learn more and more about our mechanized and computerized world. In the future they must learn about Artificial Intelligence, BioTech, Robotics and Virtual Reality, of course, this does not let them off the hook for needing to learn about machinery and equipment. Nor does it mean they can by-pass on writing, reading or arithmetic either.

Learning About Bridges and Tunnels As a Young Tike

How can we teach our children about the importance of infrastructure in our nation? How can we get them to respect the engineering feats of days gone by? We, owe to ourselves and our children’s future to pass on this knowledge and they are never too young to start learning. Thus, I’d like to recommend a good children’s book to you;

Usborne Books Popularity Revealed

With an increased push to promote literacy in the United States, many parents are left wondering what really works to help their children learn to read. Often times kids lose interest in text books rather quickly. They also can be bored unless they are visually stimulated at the same time they are drawn into the story of the book. Finding the right books to accomplish both can be tough.

Childrens Books – Wonder World Dream

Children’s Books or children’s literature is very hard to define and categorise, there is no set genre for children to enjoy. Sometimes, a children’s book became more popular and enjoyable by the teenagers and adults and vice versa. The demand for Children’s Books has been there from the time memorable and will remain forever.

The Moral of This Article is to Change the Moral

The purpose of children’s books has always been to teach young kids lessons about life – How to share, how to make friends, how their parents still love them even when they are fighting, how to pursue dreams, etc. But in this day and age, it may be time for the theme of children’s books to change.

Book Review For “Trockle”

“Trockle” is an engaging children’s story that answers the age-old question, “Who’s that lurking under the bed?” Jahangiri paints as vivid a picture with her words as Vinyard paints with her colors. Children of all ages will enjoy “Trockle.”

A Very Special Christmas With Grandma by Leanne Bush

Merry Christmas! Every December many people around the world utter these words to one another as they look forward to the wondrous holiday season. In A Very Special Christmas with Grandma, Leanne Bush charms readers with the story of young Sarah who visits her grandmother for an entire week before Christmas.

Rocky the Lighthouse Makes a Difference, By Jeffrey Noel

Children, ages 4 – 8, will love Jeffrey Noel’s colorful illustrations and his heartwarming story of Rocky the Lighthouse. Rocky learned an important lesson about letting his light shine in times of adversity and difficulty. Happy and smiling, Rocky enjoyed visiting with friends. Fish, mussels, tourists, seamen, starfish, and the stars were all his friends. Rocky felt important in his role as protector of travelers and as the light of the sea coast.

ABC Books That Won’t Make You Want to Rip Your Hair Out (At Least For the First 500 Reads)

By the time my son was born, he already had a bookshelf full of books. What else would you expect from a baby whose mother teaches English? Since he was my first child, I really had little knowledge of what one was “supposed” to read to a newborn.

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