Guji Guji read by Robert Guillaume

The Candy Shop War – A Book Review

The old saying “Too much candy can be bad for your health” rings true in this fast paced, action packed story. Nate and his family are new in town which means a new school and new friends. Nate is not too happy about this but the three young friends he makes will soon become the type that last forever.

Making a Business Out of Why Boys Do Not Like to Read Or What Happened to Gender-Specific Education?

John Hechinger’s article in The Wall Street Journal, “Problem: Boys Don’t Like to Read. Solution: Books That Are Really Gross,” really raised a powerful business opportunity. The article describes the growth of toilet paper-wrapped, potty-humor and dehumanization to entice boys to read as a major marketing trust for young male books. The implication is that this is what it takes to get modern American boys to read. And part of the problem is that the only other alternative the public education seems to support is “girly” books that bore boys to tears.

Fun Children’s Book Highlights Weight Management Issues

Oscar & Otis is a new fun book by Alicia Kirschenheiter. Maciej Zajac beautifully illustrates it in a way that adds emphasis to the storyline! The children’s book is written to encourage physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle; however, individuals of all ages may find it a challenging reminder!

A Letter From Heaven That is From Baby Alexandra to Her Brother Jamie

This is a book for children who need answers about a previous sibling who died at birth. It fills a definite void and would prove helpful to parents, counselors, and educators in talking with their children about this delicate subject.

Is Your Child Often Looking Up Into the Sky?

Is your little boy or girl often scanning the sky at the first sound of an airplane? Then this book will suit them well.

Dr. Seuss Quotes

Do you exactly know where to look for Dr. Seuss quotes? You better check out some of the many published works.

The Case of Beethoven’s Bandit by TA Sigafus

“The Case of Beethoven’s Bandit” will engage readers with laughter and suspense. Join the Little Maestros and Madam Macaroni as they try to find Beethoven’s unfinished tenth symphony.

Two Simple Ways of Bookkeeping For Kids

Children are very curious beings that they always have to be in the know of what is happening around them. Because of this curiosity, the only way to sate it is to provide them with several books with different subject content. These kids are in bliss whenever they are given books that have huge colorful pictures in them. They enjoy books with lots of pictures in them be it black and white or full of color.

Book Review – The Monster on Top of the Bed

In The Monster on Top of the Bed young Suzy learns that she never has to be afraid of monsters again after she befriends a “monster” who thinks of her as “the monster on top of the bed.” This is a great children’s book for children who love to read, and those who don’t. In addition to ice-cream parlor delicious artwork and a great story, the book is available in different formats that include a printed book, audio-book, electronic book and video. And, it is performed in English, Italian and Spanish.

The Tiniest Tiger Learns From the Big Cats About Being Endangered!

I’m a collector of cat books as well as cat memorabilia of all kinds! So, needless to say, I was pleased to receive my copy of The Tiniest Tiger by Joanne L. McGonagle.

Children’s Books – The Best Source to Enlighten the Young Minds

Reading books is a good habit for all. Especially children must cultivate the habit of reading books. The most worst thing in the society is ignorance.

Entertaining Kids With Books

The Kid books are an ideal way to entertain young children so that they can pass their time in a fruitful way by learning something new. These books are available in any shopper’s corner and also on the internet.

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