Harry the Dirty Dog read by Betty White

Hey Kids – He Was a Man, a Very Big Man – Meet Daniel Boone Become a Fan

Everybody knows the story of Daniel Boone, except our children and yet, this story of Daniel Boone is more important to children than anything else. As a parent it makes sense to teach kids the story of Daniel Boone and let them draw their own conclusions. The story of Daniel Boone builds a strength of character, self esteem and a sense of nature that is instilled in everyone who reads it.

Kids Let Me Tell You a Story About – The Night the Museum Came Alive!

Children’s books often personify the things around them. For instance a chair may come to life and talk to the child or an animal might talk to the child in English, perhaps these children’s books help the child developed empathy for other things and other people and even their pets and animals. If this works well, then that is a very good thing and it is something that parents should look into. Let’s face it, children love museums and they like looking at things because when you’re young you are very visual…

The Secret of Yahweh! By LeFerna Arnold-Walch – Book Review

In her book “The Secret of Yahweh” LeFerna Arnold-Walch combines mystery, a look at times past, core values, virtues, and patriotism. This is a wonderfully crafted children’s novel. Mary, Petey, and Jimmy, are the good kids. Con, Bitsy and their clique of friends are the mean kids. The story begins on the first day of a new school year in Mss Sawyer’s fourth grade classroom. A brief announcement broadcast over the loudspeaker stated that pledge of allegiance would no longer include the words

A New Book Series Hits the Shelves, This Time For Girls Aged 9-12 Years

A review of Suzy Brownlee’s new book, ‘The Littlest Detective in London.’ The first is a series of eight, the book is quirky, off-centre and just a little dark. And this time, it’s for the girls.

Green Children’s Books

Green Children’s Books – Why do we bother? The perils of writing books for children which actively promote a world view of encouraging Earth’s future custodians to look after the planet.

What Happened to the Black Kids?

Have you ever noticed that there are almost no fantasy adventure books for children and young adults with Black characters in them? What happened to all the Black kids? Where are the Black heroes and heroines?

Books For Boys

Books For Boys: What to look for. A way though isolation and confusion.

Pagan Children’s Books

Children’s books with Pagan ideals play a very important role in creating a better world for the future. Their magic lies beyond the page.

Some Barney Books Are Beautiful

Many parents joke about Barney, the purple dinosaur and he is a rather intriguing and downright silly fellow when you come to think of it. Of course, young kids just love him to death, and yes, eventually they grow out of the Barney phase, but an entire generation grew up loving this little dinosaur, so if Jurassic Park ever does become a reality, you can be that these young children as adults will pay that full priced admission.

The 101 Dalmatians That Never Grow Old

Some stories never grow old and the story of the 101 Dalmatians is just one of those tales. The Disney Corporation has done an excellent job with kids over the years and this story is just one more credit to their long list of accomplishments. Where some stories capture the hearts of our children’s imagination and others fail to impress, this is one story that went all the way and then some.

Little Girls Love Horses

Little Girls love horses as much as little boys want to grow up and be a fireman in a fire truck. Perhaps, this is why so many children’s and kids books feature these two venues. Indeed, if you are going to buy your child a book at or about the time they are actually able to read, then you need to buy them a book that will have meaning and one they will enjoy reading, as subject they care about and resonate with.

A Horse Personified

Have you ever noticed that many children’s books personify inanimate objects and give voices to animals, making them human like? Perhaps, this is a good thing, because it gives kids a sense of respect for things and empathy for animals. And this is a good thing. Even better is the fact that it lights up the child’s imagination and they really love these types of books. Well, I have a most excellent book recommendation for your child around the ages of first or second grade. It is a wonderful book, not too difficult and beautifully illustrated.

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