Hey That’s My Monster read by Lily Tomlin

Tall Tale Heroes – Special Heroes

Throughout history, there have been many heroes about whom stories have been written but a tall tale is a special kind of story which is mainly based on a hero because they are unique and stronger than the people in real life. The heroes sometime have a special kind of power and energy to fight and solve any kind of problem in a simpler and funnier way which is actually hard in real life.

But Who Will Bell the Cats? Cynthia Von Buhler, Author and Illustrator

But Who Will Bell The Cats, a highly creative adaptation of one of Aesop’s fables, written and illustrated by Cynthia von Buehler, is certain to entertain both children and adults as they follow the plight of mouse and his close friend, brown bat, while they try multiple desperate schemes to improve their lives by putting bells on the eight spoiled cats who live upstairs. Each page offers rich visual detail of the contrast between the life of mouse and those of the cats. Even the types of fonts used demonstrate the vivid differences in upstairs life versus downstairs life, with…

Choosing Children’s Books That Fit Your Child

This article will provide you information on selecting reading material for you child. I will explain some methods used to choose a book that will capture their interest.

A Children’s Book For Your Kindle – Read a Review of Sketch, the Cat Who Thought He Was a Dog

A new children’s book released exclusively for your Amazon Kindle. “Sketch, The Cat Who Thought He Was A Dog!” teaches kids that its okay to be different and to focus on their strengths.

Dr Seuss Autographs

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, was a popular writer of children’s books and a prolific autograph signer. Geisel autographed thousands of cartoons and art prints that he gave freely to collectors.

Christmas Presents For Children

With the festive season soon to be upon us, many parents out there will be fretting over what to get their kids this Christmas. Well, the best Christmas presents for children have to not only be the ones that they can treasure for a long time, but ones that they can learn from as well, so a fun, educational book seems to be the best present for any child this Christmas!.

Mom’s Story – The Story Children Can’t Sleep Without

Mary Jo Nickum is the author of the book Mom’s Story. It is the story of a nine-year old child. The child learns that his mom has MS (Multiple Sclerosis). It depicts all the reactions and emotions in an excellent way. Children can read the book easily and quickly. The family member goes through the fear, learns about the illness.

The Memorable Secret of Cinderella Story

The author of the book The Secret Cinderella story is Carolyn Turgeon. The different ending makes this unique. It is not the typical happy ending story. It is in fact not a Cinderella story. It is about a girl named Lil.

Sleeping Ugly – The Story of a Beautiful Princess

Sleeping ugly is an amazing story for children. Apart from children, anyone with a good sense of humor will definitely enjoy the story.

The Sad Story of Rose’s Journal

Rose’s journal is the Story of a girl in the Great Depression. This book will help your child to go through 1930’s. Rose was a girl living in a farm area in Kansas.

The Enchanting Story of Rapunzel

Rapunzel is the beautiful storybook for children. Rapunzel is the beautiful girl in Grimms Brothers fairy tale. Paul O.Zelinsky beautifully depicted the edition of the fairy tale Rapunzel. Story of Rapunzel is the best way to introduce the Italian Renaissance art and fairy tale to your child.

Humberto, The Bookworm Hamster

The author of the book Humberto, the bookworm Hamster is Mayra Calvani. The illustrator and publisher are Kit Grady and Guardian Angel Publishing respectively. It is the magnificent children’s book. It expresses two different, significant, and essential messages for the children. Mayra cleverly threads the winning story.

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