I Need My Monster read by Rita Moreno

Randolph Caldecott – Why is That Medal Named After Him?

Raise a toast! Sunday March 22nd marks the 163rd anniversary of Randolph J. Caldecott’s birth, an ex-banker turned artist who became the father of the modern Children’s Storybook.

Buffalo Song by Joseph Bruchac

Who will ever forget when they saw a buffalo for the first time? I’ll always remember the sight of them lounging in the grass on a hot summer day at the zoo, batting the bugs away, swinging their tails side to side. Joseph Bruchac’s own interest in buffalo grew when he was a child, standing in front of a pen at the Catskill Game Farm in upstate New York. Because of it, he brings us this powerful tale about how this American symbol was saved from extinction.

Rent Party Jazz by William Miller

Rent Party Jazz captures the allure of New Orleans Jazz. But what it also offers is a look into Rent Parties. Rent Parties started out as fund-raising events, but they also played a major role in the development of jazz and blues music.

Sky Boys – How They Built the Empire State Building

If you’ve ever stepped foot into New York City, and arched your neck back to see how far up the Empire State Building really goes, you’d swear it’s endless. For those who admire this behemoth of a building, you’ll enjoy reading Sky Boys: How They Built the Empire State Building.

What Athletes Are Made Of

Are you or do you know a big sports fan? Yeah, sports can get pretty serious at times, but, in reality, sports are meant to be just plain fun. Hanoch Piven’s children’s book, What Athletes Are Made Of, will teach you a little something about sports and a little about fun.

The Amazing World of Books For Kids

As any parent is surely aware, one of the most important factors in the education of your child is their ability to read. Even when a child is just a baby, reading to them is incredibly important, and is advised by all different experts in child development.

Book Review – Tucker’s Tale, by Christopher Walsh

100% of royalties from this book will be donated to dog rescues nationwide. Tucker’s Tale: The Story of a Rescue Dog is narrated from the point of view of Tucker, a Cocker Spaniel who at first is quite unhappy living with a mean lady who keeps him in a cellar and hardly ever brings him food.

The Night Tourist – Book Review

Brilliant young ninth-grade boy, Jack Perud lives on the Yale University campus where his father is a professor. Jacks leads a solitary life until an unexpected incident occurs.

The Cupid Chronicles by Coleen Murtagh Paratore

Willa Havisham resides on Cape Cod and becomes alarmed the library in Bramble may close. With fortitude Willa explores the help of the town residents to put a stop to it.

New Children’s Book Features Needle Felting

Rainbow Sheep is an original, sweet story about a little shepherdess called Genevieve and her flock of sheep. Genevieve is troubled because it has rained so much lately that the sky is always grey. When she tries to get the attention of the rainbow, she sees that its colors have faded and that it is sad.

Spiritual Book Recommendations For Young Children

A growing number of Americans define themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious’. Those of us in this group want to introduce our children to spirituality, but outside of any particular religious context. A good way to do this is through books. This article lists picture books for children 3-9 years old that cover spiritual themes such as gratitude, compassion, connectivity, and contemplation, outside of any single religious tradition. Reading these to your children is a great way to open up discussion about spiritual themes.

Get Set! Swim! By Jeannine Atkins

If you ever played sports in school, you remember that feeling of heading to another school for the first time for a meet or game. In Get Set! Swim!, Atkins tells a story of winning and losing, self-esteem, identity, and accomplishment.

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