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Best Children’s Books: Ten Top Chapter Books for Ages 9-12

Some consider best-book selections a hopeless task. Multi-millions of books are circulating and some question the criteria for attempting to choose the cream of the crop. Admittedly, book selections are often based on the whims of the reviewer. In this case, it was based on the author’s tastes and on how numerous and how positive were book reviews. In many cases, the longevity of the popularity was taken into account.

Children’s Books: Top Ten Chapter Books (Ages 7-9)

Chapter books are usually one step up in children’s reading after picture books or early readers. The brief chapters probably make the kids feel they are graduating to books more like older people read. This list is generally for the younger middle graders, aged 7-9, though many older children would enjoy the stories. This list does not stick to the newest titles but represents proven favorites over the years.

Best Children’s Books: Top Ten Early Readers

One of the most important skills a child can ever learn is how to read. It opens up the window of learning which they will use all their lives. I remember picking up books as a child. I read the words I could figure out and just skipped over those too difficult. I still almost always got the gist of the story. Devote the time to helping kids sound out the words to these books. You will be justly rewarded.

Book Review: The Little House Collection, Laura Ingalls Wilder

I purchased The Little House Collection by Laura Ingalls Wilder for my wife about a year ago. She was starting to get into the prepping a little more but was still not highly interested and I had just been informed that this collection was actually good for new preppers. I jumped on the Internet and ordered a set for her to read.

Best Children’s Books: Top Ten Picture Books

Everybody seems to have particular picture books that are favorites. Even adults get a kick out of them or recall fondly their favorite from childhood. I have spent hours poring over hundreds of titles and came up with a pretty darn good list of top picture books. Check them out, I think you’ll like them!

Mini Dinosaurs Triceratops Book Reviewed

An ideal book for very young dinosaur fans, the Mini Dinosaurs Triceratops pop up book has been cleverly designed and written in such a way as to help children from three years and upwards with their reading. It even features a big, blue Triceratops, this inclusion alone, will make this publication a firm favourite amongst budding palaeontologists.

Mini Dinosaurs Stegosaurus Dinosaur Book Reviewed

It is often quite a task to find a suitable dinosaur book for kids, when looking for something to help them with their reading.  Many parents try to encourage young children to develop a love of books by encouraging them to read books about subjects that they have a natural affinity for. The Mini Dinosaurs Stegosaurus dinosaur book is aimed at children from three years and upwards and is proving very popular with very young dinosaur fans.

A Review of the Mini Tyrannosaurus Book – An Excellent First Dinosaur Book for a Child

Tyrannosaurus rex is perhaps the most popular of all the dinosaurs with young children. A book which is about T. rex that has been especially written to aid children as young as three years of age with their reading is a welcome addition to the range of prehistoric animal story books that are available.

Mini Dinosaurs Apatosaurus Dinosaur Book Reviewed

Finding a book that is tactile, just the right size for small hands to hold and helps young children with their reading can be a challenge, but the Mini Dinosaurs – Apatosaurus book fits the bill nicely. In addition, there is a surprising amount of factual information about the dinosaur known as Apatosaurus within this little hardback book.

A Christmas Carol Review – The Meaning Behind Dickens’ Title

‘A Christmas Carol’ remains one of the most endearing novellas written by Charles Dickens. The book is essentially made up of 5 chapters, which Dickens referred to as staves. This device is used to maintain the fluidity suggested by the title. (A stave is primarily a musical term used to divide a song, or carol, into verses.) Set against the harsh winter cold of Christmas Eve in 1843, this story will always be regarded as one of the greatest tributes to the spirit of transformation, repentance and joy that characterize the true meaning of Christmas.

Disney Brings Alive The World Of Books For The Young Ones

A quick look at the range of books that Disney is offering to its young readers. It includes activity books, journals, story books, jungle books, workbooks, encyclopedias and board books. They are perfect for purposes of gifting as well.

Best Children’s Books: Ten Top Selections for Pre-Schoolers

Adults often buy children’s books that appear good to them without considering which books kids themselves love. Here is a list that has been tested by thousands of kids and approved. You can count on it.

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