My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother read by Melissa Gilbert

Chatterbox – The Bird Who Wore Glasses

Remember the Batman movies? Well, the movie producer of successful movies like these and entertaining children’s television shows such as Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?, Michael Uslan, has released this adorable children’s book. Chatterbox – The Bird Who Wore Glasses is available in a durable, hard-cover format with a lovely cover sleeve that will help prolong the life of the book. At 40 pages and full of excellent illustrations, this book is sure to entertain children.

Woofer – Children’s Book Review

Woofer is an excellent book for bedtime stories, but will be best enjoyed when reading to groups of children. Written in such a way that the reader can easily characterize the animals and situations with their voice, the book is sure to bring giggles of joy to groups of children. As such, I think Woofer would be an excellent addition to the bookshelves of libraries, schools, daycare centers and the like.

Product Review: Personalized Storybook CD

Build reading skills while playing with these unique personalized storybook CDs from Ann’s Personalized Books.

Product Review: Personalized Children’s Book

Looking for unique gift for your child? Personalized books put your child in the story and encourage them to read!

Violet the Pilot in Hawaii – Review

Violet the Pilot in Hawaii is the third book of a children’s series written by author Bettina Bathe. One of the very first striking aspects of this book is the illustrator’s use of bright colored fish and birds, a flowery helicopter, tropical scenery and agriculture within the Hawaiian Island region.

Violet the Pilot in Canada – Review

Violet the Pilot in Canada is the first in the series of children’s book series written by commercial pilot and mother of two, Bettina Bathe. In this book, Grandpa Cliff along with young Chantel and Mathias are going on a camping and fishing trip in Ontario, Canada.

Violet the Pilot in France – Review

Violet the Pilot in France is the second book in children’s series written by author Bettina Bathe. This adventure involves a hot air balloon trip in Provence, France. Proud Canadian author and commercial pilot, Bettina Bathe was certain to include a Canadian flag patch on her main character’s shoulder. However, Violet the pilot also embraces the country she is working in by placing that country’s flag patch on her other shoulder.

Violet the Pilot Children’s Book Series – Review

Canadian commercial pilot, owner of a publishing company, mother of two and author of the Violet the Pilot children’s book series, Bettina Bathe has a talent and energy for today’s youth. I think this aviation adventure fiction series is appropriate for children aged between three and eight…

Kisho – Review

Now here’s a treat for dog-lovers! Author of multiple short stories for children, Jarod Twiford, has recently released his first children’s book, Kisho. This story line is unique and has an ending that readers will not see coming.

Willa’s Poppy

Willa’s Poppy is a 166-page young adult, thriller-adventure with a hero-element in a subtle theme of rising above challenges and making a difference in the world. Animal lovers, rescue shelter workers and all readers from 8-18 will adore Poppy’s adventures.

Plight of Queen Bee – Review

This is a children’s book that will keep readers glued to the pages right to the end. The Plight of Queen Bee by Simone Fairchild entails forty pages of gorgeous, bright fun illustrations with vivid detail and glorious lilac flowers in full bloom. Illustrator Pamela Marie Key masterfully creates real-life illusions…

Dragon Tales – Book Review

Dragon Tales by Mary C. Fairbanks is truly and entertaining book, chock full of twenty-four dragon stories. Perfect for youth from the age of five to fifteen, even adults would be charmed by its pages.

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