Please Please the Bees read by Rashida Jones

What Would Beatrix Potter Think of This?

It’s a well known fact that Beatrix Potter had little compassion in her heart for her critics or her fans and an intense dislike of advertising either herself or her books. Margaret Lane, who later became Potter’s first biographer, wrote in 1939.

The Magic of the Philosophers Stone!

Have you ever wanted to cast some spell to grab your favorite chocolate? Ever dreamt of flying over the high mountains and cliffs on a broom stick? If you are one who is longing to experience all this,here it is for you, grab a copy for yourself and conjure the spell to open the door of this magical world!

Beatrix Potter and the Sale of Peter Rabbit

Children have been reading and enjoying Beatrix Potter books since 1902. You might recognize some of the more popular stories such as Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny.

Ugly Eliza Hits Rock Bottom – A Moral Lesson For Adults Only

I originally bought “Ugly Eliza and the Sunken Ship” for my niece and nephew, but I ended up enjoying it as well. Its a very cute story about how salt got into the ocean, but of course, is a very creative explanation.

Grinelda the Mad Hatter Review

While this is a story for children it could also be for adults. All of us needs to embrace who we are and this book shows how extraordinary dreams can lead to extraordinary lives. For all the children who are laughed at in the playground, for all the children who were bullied after school, and for all those teenagers who felt they were not like their friends this book is for them. There is a mad Hatter in all of us waiting to get out.

“Palle-Alene I Verden” – Alias “Paul is Alone in the World” – A Classic Novel For Young Children

In 1942 the Danish writer and psychologist Jens Sigsgaard published a childrens’ book with vary charming illustrations by Arne Ungermann. This book has been the favorite one for children of the age of 6-9 for generations.

Books For Expecting Mothers

First time parents can never have too much information when it comes to bring a new life into the world. Everyone has questions and wants to provide the best possible life for their newborns.

Charming Biography, Courageous Exemplar – Review of Patrick – Patron Saint of Ireland

If you are looking for a children’s book to help explain the significance of St. Patrick’s Day to 6-to-8-year-olds, this is it. Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland is a brief, charming biography of St. Patrick, with the added bonus of several interesting legends about Patrick appended after the strictly biographical part.

Books For Your Kids

Day care supplies should include a wide variety of books for children to choose from. Good books are essential for young and developing children who are starting to reach out and explore the world. Being able to have day care kids learn more about everything around them through books will be very helpful to their growth and understanding.

Loads of Horrid Henry’s

The great series of Horrid Henry children’s stories written by Fransesca Simon, is now available on 8 different Audio recordings – Each of them with 8 classic Horrid Henry tales. A real load of horribleness in any ones book!

Compelling Mystery, Friendship, and Redemption – When You Reach Me – 2010 Newbery Medal Winner

Miranda–the protagonist of the 2010 Newbery Medal winner “When You Reach Me,” by Rebecca Stead–is a twelve-year-old latchkey kid living with her single mom in New York City in the 1970s. She’s smart, she’s funny, and she reads only one book: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. Miranda has lost her best friend, Sal, who lives in her apartment building. One day, while the two of them were walking home from school, a neighborhood kid named Marcus punched Sal, and from that day on Sal just seemed to drift away. Now Miranda keeps getting mysterious notes.

Hilarious But Horrible Attitudes – A Review of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

With the March 19th, 2010, release date of the movie based on Diary of a Wimpy Kid fast approaching, I thought I would write a review of this madly popular book. Although it was first published in 2007, it remains on the New York Times Bestseller List (for series books) and has been there for 57 weeks (!). In this review I will take a somewhat contrarian view of the book: I do not like it as much as it seems most everyone else does. “Why,” you ask? Read on fair reader.

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