Quackenstein Hatches a Family read by Kristen Bell

10 Children’s Books That Should Be on Your Child’s Bookcase

One of the alarming trends of the modern world is the ever-declining standard of literacy amongst school children. Given the choice of whether to read a good book, to watch television or play the latest PSP game, there is no contest. Reading a good book will be at the bottom of the list. So what can be done to convince children that reading is fun?

“Watership Down” by Richard Adams

A young rabbit named Fiver sees a vision of blood and death–danger is coming to the rabbit warren! Thus begins this classic fantasy book for middle school and teen readers.

Using Picture Book to Stimulate Your Child’s Imagination

Children are becoming more and more dependent on and held techno toys. These fast food mental toys, may keep learning fun but do nothing for developing the child’s imagination. Picture books are the perfect tool to stimulate imagination, develop creative thinking and strengthen abstract learning.

Story Books – How To Choose The Best For Your Children

Story books for children must have three key elements to make them a favored choice at bedtime. Without these elements, regardless of expense or intent, every story book will be tossed in a corner never to be picked up again.

Multiple Classic Reviews Of Books For Children

Anne of Green Gables is the story of a young girl who is adopted by an old couple who live on a small island in Canada. Anne, the young girl, grows up with these odd folk and even odder people surrounding her and eventually it becomes home to her. She is a fiery girl with red hair and she gets into all sorts of trouble and drama as she grows up in the small town of Green Gables. This copy of the book has bright illustrations that really show the feelings of living in a small community.

Stepping Stones to Literacy

List the various ways parents can share books with preschool/toddler children, assisting the children with “stepping stones to literacy.”  Parents should begin to read to their children as soon as possible. By reading to their children at very young ages they will be to expose their children to different parts of our world.

Divorce Books for Kids

Even in an amicable divorce involving children, there are going to be questions and worries. Kids need to understand what is going on from such a big family change as a divorce, and it’s not a simple thing for them. Here are some excellent books for kids that deal with issues that are a part of divorce and remarriage.

Barefoot Books Review – The Animal Boogie

The Animal Boogie is now famous, maybe even infamous as the bestseller at Barefoot Books. Time and time again it out sells all other books. So what makes The Animal Boogie so popular?

“Noodle Pie” by Ruth Starke

“We’re home,” Andy’s father says as the plane touches down at the Hanoi airport, but it isn’t home to Andy. Although his father was one of the “boat people” who made a dangerous escape from Vietnam, Andy lives in Australia, where his father settled. In this multicultural middle school book, he’s about to visit relatives he’s never met.

An Island in the Sun

All young lads seem to love a day at sea. With their telescope at hand and constantly being on the look out for the birds above and the many fish below, a day at the beach will be enjoyed by all who read this delightful children’s book, An Island in the Son.

The Fundamental Basics Of Phonics Books

The phonics books industry provides an assortment of books and lessons for teaching your children phonics. Phonics is simply learning the sounds of each letter in the alphabet, and then associating it with that letter. It is a tried and proven method of laying the ground work to teach a child to read, spell and write.

Hachiko – A Faithful Akita Dog

Hachiko is a heartwarming children’s book about a noble and loyal akita puppy. Hachiko’s love and devotion for his master are touching.

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