Snappsy The Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) read by David Harbour

My Personal Top Weird And Wonderful Roald Dahl Books

Writing a Roald Dahl Books List is a very troublesome task, the difficulty lies in organizing a suitable and yet fair ranking. I must call upon my eight year old self, don’t worry readers she will not be busy, more than likely sitting in a corner reading a book and giggling away to herself. So, when it comes to the magnificent work of Roald Dahl, I just need to ask, what did his stories truly mean to me?

Book Review: Pleng’s Song by Patrick Maher

What happens when a flood hits your hometown and you are left alone to survive? Patrick Maher tells the story of how Pleng faces the real threats and problems in Bangkok’s flooded streets.

Personalized Books – The Best Gifts for Children

Personalized books are a unique sub-category of illustrated literature, whose content is customized to fit the attributes of a real person. Personalized books can be a great tool parents or teachers can utilize to develop the informal or formal reading skills of a a child. It has been a time honored tradition for most parents to go through bedtime stories with their children; which is an apt culmination of each day.

The Adventures of Boochi Malloochi: The Hunt for Treasure

Heading out to the beach with her family, Boochi is intent on discovering a lost pirate’s treasure in the sand. While her dad is supportive and excited, her mom is less than thrilled and believes it’s a crazy idea. Little does anyone know that the item she will find will change everything, and open the door to unlimited possibilities. The mystery of the treasure and its history prove to be an adventure that no one could have anticipated.

Summer Reading List – 10 Best Books for Kids

For some children, summer reading can be a chore. Many children will even forget the material they learned just a few weeks before the end of the school year. However, parents can read a variety of books to children to encourage reading and enhance language skills during the summer.

Children’s Books Will Never Die

An insight into digital books and paperback hard copies for children at school. How have things changes? What stories do kids love? and where are they getting their fiction adventure tales from now that media is more accessible than ever? Examines novels in a technological era.

Use ‘Tell Me Why’ Books to Answer Children’s Questions

Learn how to answer your kid’s ‘tell me why’ questions by reading this informational article on educational children’s’ books. Being a parent, you surely understand that children have a very inquisitive nature. They are keen to know and understand about everything happening around them. This is very natural, and in fact good, as it shows that they actually pay attention. At times, however, the question that they may ask you can sound easy, but very difficult to explain, at least in a way that they would be able to understand.

“The King’s Ransom” Will Delights Readers As First in “Young Knights of the Round Table” Series

Cheryl Carpinello’s new book “The King’s Ransom” is the first in her “Young Knights of the Round Table” series. An educator, Carpinello has made the book reader-friendly for teachers and classrooms and includes a teaching guide with the book. And it’s a riveting story!

Value Of Books In Character Development In Children

Reading is a fun and interactive way to bond with kids. Experts recommend reading a good book to a young child every day. It is usually done before a child goes to sleep. It is an excellent way to end the day as it leaves the kid’s imagination flowing with wonderful thoughts.

Book Review for: Sea of Monsters

Riordan pens a story stuffed with action, adventure, and myths with “Sea of Monsters.” When the tree that guards Camp Half Blood is poisoned and Chiron accused of the deed, Percy and his friends must find the golden fleece to save the camp, but will Luke stand in their way?

Top 5 Types of Activity Books For Young Children

Activity books are a great way to make reading fun. There are lots of different types of activity books available to suit different age groups. Here we have selected our top 5.

New Children’s E-Book Review

Today we review a new childrens ebook series by Emma Ward. The Adventures of Bob and Joe was recently published on Amazon and is appropriate for children between the ages of 3-10.

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