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Children’s Educational Books – Resources For Teachers

Children’s educational books offer numerous resources to teachers to incorporate balanced literacy into classrooms. The books should be collaborative, and it should support comprehension, fluency, as well as reading skills. These books that teach the basic skills to the children should make learning fun for them. Teachers should approach the subject they are trying to teach in a fun and engaging way. This is what most educational books on children emphasise.

Children’s Books – Enjoy Them Together

Children’s books are a wonderful source of fun and enjoyment. There are books galore for children of all ages. Books today are designed in such a way that they are more reader-friendly and very attractive. These books are designed for both the children and their parents to enjoy them together.

What’s Up With Dr Seuss?

Ever wonder why it is that almost every kindergarten teacher in America has the books of Dr. Seuss as standard reading for their children? Or even better, why almost every kid in America wants to try green eggs and ham for breakfast? Who is this infamous Dr. Seuss that has seemingly taken over our elementary lesson plans and turned to bewitching our kids into wanting to read?

Why is “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” So Popular?

The #1 New York Times Bestseller, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a child favorite- my children included. The novel in cartoons by Jeff Kinney now has three additional books and a Do It Yourself Edition.

I’m an Adult – Why Am I Reading Childrens’ Books?

Let’s face it – some of the best writers being published today are writing for children (or young adults). You only have to mention Phillip Pullman (His Dark Materials) or J.K.Rowling (Harry Potter) to see what we mean. There is a long tradition of children’s books being read and loved by adults, so why not see what’s available?

Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking is from a small town in her large and colorful home with her pets chimpanzee and horse. Pippi is a little rebel girl who does very often what she wants.

The Illustration of Children’s Books

A picture is worth a thousand words. For young ones who have yet to learn to read, the colorful illustrations in their children’s books bring the words of the story to life. Today, you can still close your eyes and see pictures from your favorite children’s books like Where the Wild Things Are, The Snowy Day, and Eric and the Purple Crayon.

Top-Rated Children’s Picture Book About Getting Your Child to Speak

Oliver Has Something to Say! by Pamela Edwards is “a top-rated children’s picture book with a humorous and enchanting story to encourage children to speak up” (Montreal Review of Books, Spring 2007). It is one of those children’s picture books that will introduce in a comical and laughable way a problem that is very common to many children but difficult to change.

Children’s Literature – Good Or Bad?

A caring parent knows the importance of his or her child being able to read. Some parents begin reading to the child while the child is still inside the womb.

Fancy Nancy Books – Learn More About the Fancy Nancy Book Series

Fancy Nancy books are the creation of Jane O’Connor. She wrote the first book of the series in 2005 and it did so well that it made it to the top of the bestsellers book and stay there for quite a while.

The Secret Garden

A mysterious garden hidden behind a high brick wall, a key stashed away in a forgotten room, and a young, bored and curious girl set the stage for an exciting and engaging story. My favorite childhood novel was Francis Hodgson Burnett’s classic The Secret Garden. I think at the time I was drawn in by the mystery of the secret and my fascination with wild, unkempt English gardens.

The Tiny Caterpillar and the Great Big Tree – A Review

The Tiny Caterpillar and the Great Big Tree is a is a wonderfully written and illustrated children’s book. Looking for friendship, the caterpillar searches and comes upon a ladybug, an ant, and a spider. They all refuse becoming his friend until something happens.

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