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A Tale That Is More Than Just a Story About an Ant

There is a major difference between bedtime and sleep time stories which the author explains in the preface remarks to parents. The story of Pee Wee the ant is one that has been passed on from generation to generation and is thus timeless.

Narrating an Audio-Book

For anyone who has only written material to be read, the switch to writing that has to be spoken can be a minefield and that’s mainly because the novice writer imagines them to be the same. I’m talking here about a fictional story which is to be narrated and on the surface these should be the same; after all many great novels have been transformed into audio-books. But these are rarely great audio-books because they weren’t written specifically for that medium.

Author Cat Michaels Invites Readers To Become Writers

Going to the beach can be very exciting for a young kid and their family. And don’t forget, kids always like to take some of their favorite things. Jenna remembered to take her back pack and her favorite blue bunny named Fuzzy. Once on the beach, families explore and settle into their new surroundings. But what happens when that favorite item is lost? What emotional roller coaster does a child go through when they aren’t able to find their best friend?

Children’s Picture Books: The First Step to Developing a Creative Imagination

Children’s books are sometimes the first point of call for early learning and it is a common misconception that children only look at the pictures. This is not true. Early readers learn to develop their imaginations and simulate experiences from books which are vividly illustrated, the story does not have to be long or complicated. Once a child has an idea of an event in their mind the words will follow. Many children love to find new meaning in picture books and parents can help them to flourish by reading books such as Jonathan the Red Head goes to Bed and Jonathan the Red Head has a friend. These beautifully illustrated children’s books will help your child to develop imagination and to learn from the stories.

A Little About Enormous Oceans

Ocean tides can also develop in many of these bodies. Such tides are caused by the rotation of earth. Ocean tides greatly affect the gravitational pull of both the moon and the sun. Despite its wet surroundings and depth, oceans still can spew tons of hot lava through underwater volcanoes.

Some Interesting Facts About Polar Bears

Polar bears have huge and stout feet. By using their big feet, they can easily swim the icy waters of their homes. They use their front paws to swim forward and back paws to alter the direction. They can walk across the snow using their claws. It helps them to walk without sliding and slipping.

Books That You Love To Read About Chickens

Chickens are identified as the subspecies of red jungle fowl. Over the years, they are illustrated in number of children’s book. In many tales, chickens are portrayed as positive virtues.

It’s a Big World, Little Pig

I love reading to my grandchildren and I’m always on the look out for great books. I found an adorable book by Kristi Yamaguchi, It’s a Big World, Little Pig.

New Book Titled, “Lost in the Fjord”, by: Jon Sveinsson – Book Review

Lost in the Fjord is an enchanting and inspiring tale. The story is about two Icelandic brothers who go on a boat into a world of adventure and love. The story was first written in 1914 by Icelandic Jesuit priest Jon Sveinsson.

Hideout by Gordon Korman Review

A review of the book Hideout by Gordon Korman. Hideout is the fifth book in the well-known Swindle series.

Ladybugs in Books and Gardens

Lady bugs are attractive insects that you often get to see near your garden areas. They are also beneficial in the sense that they control different predatory insects at the larval stage. Children are fond of these insects because of their colorful and spotted appearance.

When Children Ask, “Is Santa Claus Real”, Welcome the Opportunity to Truly Relate to Your Child

When a child in your life asks the question, “Is Santa Claus real”, a pivotal moment arises of utmost importance that requires an authentic conversation which will determine whether or not the child’s fragility is strengthened or broken. Discover and share a beautifully written coming of age story that helps children transition smoothly between myth and reality relative to the true nature of the spirit of Christmas.

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