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The Westing Game

When I was 11, my friends all loved reading about teenagers who morph into animals, about kids who solve mysteries and wizards who struggle with self-identity. They were all good books, don’t get me wrong. On the other hand, my favorite book dealt with a sudden murder, a huge estate, sixteen squabbling people, several bombings, and a man with four identities.

Fat Chance by Leslea Newman

Thirteen-year-old Judi Leibowitz is miserable because she thinks she’s really, really fat. But then she discovers a way to eat all she wants and not gain weight. This heartfelt look at the dangers of bulimia is both an entertaining novel and a must-read for girls ten and up.

“The Mailbox” by Audrey Shafer

Twelve-year-old Gabe lives with his Uncle Vernon, a Vietnam vet, in this contemporary middle school book. One day he comes home from school and finds the body of his uncle on the floor. The next day he returns home and sees that his uncle’s body is gone. Now he fears that the police will think he murdered Uncle Vernon and hid the body.

The 3 Unbelievable Banned Books in Your School Library

During the past 200 years, America has gone through many political phases. During these times, many books have been banned by communities who felt that they were providing a poor influence for their children. However, it may surprise you which books were banned! Many of the following children’s titles are widely available and critically acclaimed. Read on and see the 3 banned books that were most surprisingly banned in school libraries in the US. I also included the reasons why they were banned.

“The Goose Girl” by Shannon Hale

What a lovely and lyrical retelling of the old Grimm’s fairytale in this fantasy book for middle school readers! The clearly drawn and complex characters clash in a gripping story told in a delicate and poetic writing style.

Top 5 Must-Read Books For Kids in 2010

Along with kids clothes, kids books must be the most gifted item for kids presents on special occasions. The best book awards for 2010 are to be held in March and there will be an excellent selection again and no doubt a hard choice for judges. Here are 5 must-read books for kids this year as determined by the winners and shortlisted books of 2009 CECA awards and these make perfect presents for kids.

Spanish Children’s Books – Help You Learn Spanish

Spanish children’s books are a great tool for learning Spanish. Beginners and intermediates alike can benefit from reading Spanish children’s books, they can boost their vocabulary and generally help them learn the language.

Where to Find Free Online Children’s Books to Read

Thanks to internet, people now have a very wide source of information. Not only that, but there are also a lot of free that you can get from many different sites. For instance, if you are looking for free online children’s books to read, then there many sites that can provide you with what you are looking for.

Do You Have a Favourite Children’s Book Memory?

Most people I know have a favourite children’s book memory like I do. I am referring to a special, beloved and treasured children’s book of my early childhood. Some of us have several of these treasured books which have always been there when we needed to be comforted, encouraged and captured into a wonderful world of adventures.

Top Children’s Book Authors

Read about 6 of my all-time favorite children’s book authors. Jean De Brunhoff / Babar Series – This children’s book series originated in France in 1931 and has been a huge success through the years.

Read and Love Personalized Children’s Story Books

With the present world, almost everybody tries to be creative in everything, from household items to gadgets and even books. With personalized children’s story books, your child will become the star of the story and it would definitely encourage him to read more and love reading more.

Preschool Books – How to Find Great Books For Your Kids

It seems like I’ve been reading to my daughters from the day they were born. Not only is it a great way for them to unwind and relax from a long day, but it’s also a great way to bond and share a cuddle. There’s a short timeframe to enjoy preschool books with your kids because once they can read on their own, they probably won’t ask you to read to them any more. They might want to read to you instead, but soon they will be out there, reading on their own.

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