Sylvester and the Magic Pebble read by Reid Scott

Celtic Fairy Tales – A Victorian Children’s Classic

Celtic folklore overflows with vivid stories that fire the imagination. This book contains 26 stories from around Wales and Ireland and was compiled by Joseph Jacobs in the 1890’s. While the stories were published in the 19th. C. they probably date back to the middle ages or even further back in time. While some of the themes found in Celtic folklore are similar to those of contemporary fairy tales, other stories in this collection are infused with a flavour that is uniquely Celtic. In Jacobs’ own words, “The Celts went forth to battle, but they always fell. Yet the captive Celt has enslaved his captor in the realm of imagination.” Even though the content of this book is centuries old, after reading, it will only be the dullest imagination that will not be ignited and set aflame.

American Indian Fairytales – A Forgotten Native American Children’s Classic

Originally published in 1895 and again in 1907, American Indian Fairytales is a collection compiled especially for children and young adults. Originally published under the title “Snow Bird and the Water Tiger and other American Indian Tales”, this volume includes 17 stories of magical feathers, fighting hares, an island of skeletons, great wizards, and bended rocks.

The Mystery of “The Peanut Butter Caper”

A great mystery childen’s book to read. In it the imaginations soar as Helen VanEck Holub brings this book to life. In the “Peanut Butter Caper”, we see how Helen VanEck Holub brings a true life adventure to life to leave as a legacy for her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. In this beautiful children’s story we see up-close and personal what real animals look like.

Children’s Book Sets Keep The Child’s Imagination Open and Vibrant

Reading children’s book sets will keep your imagination going on forever; literally I mean books are the portal to a brand new world. There is a whole new world to be explored through reading children’s book sets; they can keep your child’s imagination going all day long.

Favourite Books From My Childhood

When I was a child reading was one of my favourite pastimes. Many evenings I read long after my mother had put me to bed and told me to turn my light out.

Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales – A Children’s Literary Classic Given a New Lease of Life

Ignas Kunos’ 1913 classic “Forty-Four Turkish Fairy Tales” has been re-released in hardcover with a colour interior giving a new lease of life to a classic of literature. Exquisitely illustrated by the late Willy Pogany, this volume will enable a whole generation of children to become reacquainted with fairy tales and folklore from the Orient not seen in print for over a century.

What’s Your Savvy? Book Review: Savvy by Ingrid Law

My husband and I are always on the lookout for good books to read to the children (or listen to on CD). Our latest technique involves searching through the Newberry awards and honorable mentions. Once such book is Savvy, written by Ingrid Law and an honorable mention in 2010.

Author Interview With Author, Nakesha Lowe

PBR: Today we are talking with Nakesha Lowe, author of Just Leave Me Alone, published by AuthorHouse and available on Amazon and other fine retailers. Thank you Nakesha for taking your time to speak with us. NL: I should be thanking you.

Find Out Who Done It in the Peanut Butter Caper

The Peanut Butter caper is an enchanting book that is in full interior color. The book, that will delight animal lovers, is a ‘Who done it?’ for young ones. Graphic artist Helen McManus, helps bring this remarkable story-book to life with pictures sure to keep children wanting to turn the pages.

Peek Into Granny’s Book Box

Nancy Childers has been around children all her life with six children twelve grandchildren and one great-grandbaby. She is a woman with an extraordinary imagination always had stories to tell and write down on paper. She finally put some of her tales together into a marvelous book for children.

Juvenile Books Found to Be Highly Beneficial in Numerous Ways

If you are a parent, it is important to know that juvenile books have been found to be highly beneficial in numerous ways. As parents, we understanding that reading is a core skill that assists in setting the foundation of success in a child’s life. When it comes to your child’s well-being, it is important that you have information at your disposal that is considered to be relevant, extremely timely and focused.

Harry Potter Is Low Brow

In the modern day with increasing technology the literature that we read is not up to the standards set years ago. This is for many reasons. Most people cannot easily read high language that uses critical theories and devices. Now some many more things are being published after the printing press was invented. This has lead to a drastic wake left behind the great literature. Now many of the most popular books are from a simple idea and the author needs no skill to succeed.

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