The Empty Pot read by Rami Malek

A Review of Planet Dinosaur – The Next Generation of Giant Killers

Planet Dinosaur – Book Review The new dinosaur discoveries, the huge, the tiny, the weird and the wonderful are revealed in remarkable detail in this book “Planet Dinosaur – The Next Generation of Giant Killers” that has been produced to accompany the BBC television series. Team members were asked to write a review and true to our word here it is.

Book Review: The Bridge to Neverland by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

A letter hidden in an old desk leads Sarah and Aidan to a box of starstuff and a startling discovery: Peter Pan is real! They run for their lives to protect the starstuff from the evil Lord Ombra. Will a scary villain who possesses ravens – and even people at times – be too much for your child?

4 Tips For Writing Fantasy Stories

Do you feel overwhelmed because you never know how to come up with an opening line to your fantasy book? Most people feel a writer’s block when they start writing their story because they do not know how to start.

Alice in Wonderland Book Review

This write up is a brief review of the book Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Carol. This review is about the classic written in 1982. It gives a brief summary of the story and highlights the strong points of the story.

Book Review: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

This is a simple tale about a foster girl living in Hitler’s Germany – who can’t resist stealing books. The story is moving and engaging, but is all the profanity really necessary?

Book Review: You Have to Stop This

Cass and her friends rush to clear their names when a mummy goes missing. But will the creepy mummy… mild violence, Egyptian gods and magic turn off parents?

7 Books to Ignite a Love of Reading in Your Boy!

What books can we give our boys to teach them to love reading at a young age? What holds their interest and sparks a love of reading and knowledge? As a parent, you wonder what you can do to entice your boy to read, and not to fight them just to pick up a book.

Classic Children’s Books

Selecting a classic children’s book can be fun, rewarding and a trip down memory lane. There are some unifying things that make children’s books classics.

Personalized Kids Books

What better way to let your kids know how special they are than with a personalized book ALL ABOUT THEM. Personalized books for kids are fantastic for not only improving your child’s reading skills, but also for boosting their self-esteem and confidence. Kid’s eyes light up when they realize they’re the main character in a story book, it’s a meaningful gift that any child will treasure as a keepsake for always!

Book Review: Five Children And IT by E Nesbit

If you can have one wish, what would it be? This could be a tough question to answer. How about this: If you know a fairy who can grant your every wish, what will you do? These are the questions that confronted five children – Cyril, Robert, Anthea, Jane, and Hilary, the baby who is also fondly called as Lamb – when they discovered a Psammead (pronounced “Sammyad”), or sand-fairy, in a gravel pit near their house. With the primary characters now named, it is fairly easy to infer who the five children are and the “it” referred to in the title of this book.

Starlight Sailor

Starlight Sailor is a wonderful story I found through Barefoot Books Publishers. It’s about a little boy (and his dog) who takes an adventurous journey across the water in his paper boat to a far away land. My three grandsons love to engage in pirate stories, fishing, sailing and everything about the sea.

Books to Read for Kids

Read further about the examples of books for kids to read. There are books to read about adventure, fantasy and intrigue. These books will your child to improve their readings skill and improve their grammar.

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