The Kiss That Missed read by Karan Brar

One Wolf Howls by Scotti Cohn

If one wolf howls in the January moonlight, what do two wolves do, or three or four? Young readers will find out in this delightful, informative picture book written by children’s author Scotti Cohn and illustrated by Susan Detwiler.

Southern Living Kids Cookbook

Southern Living has published another winner with their Kids Cookbook. The cookbook is designed for young cooks ages 4 to 12 and each of the 124 recipes has been kid tested.

John Lithgow Barking Up the Right Tree With I Got Two Dogs

This hardcover book and accompanying CD for infants through First Graders will surely entertain the little ones, and find parents singing along with the lilting interpretative reading by famed actor John Lithgow. As the lively rhythm of the words is read or listened to, youngsters will delight in the story and the rhythm of it all.

“Very Special Snowflake” by Don Hoffman, Illustrated by Todd Dakins – A Review

Young children will delight in this simply written and beautifully illustrated story of two and their dog named Snowflake. Jeff and Veronica are playing in the snow one day and they lose their little sweet, fluffy white puppy. How they find him is a lesson about more than just finding their dog.

Princess Baby Night-Night By Karen Katz, Author-Illustrator – A Review

This is a story for children and parents alike. The children will instantly be enchanted by the adorable baby in the story and the fact that she is a princess. The story will be a favorite of parents as it will help to get their child to sleep at night.

Summerhouse Time by Eileen Spinelli – A Review

Summerhouse Time is a great book for beginning chapter readers. Characters are real and situations are ones that children can learn from and enjoy at the same time.

Guess How Much I Love You By Sam Mcbratney And Illustrated By Anita Jera – A Review

This is a perfect book to read at bedtime, even to very young children. If your child also happens to like bunnies, as most children do, then they will love this even more.

The Leanin’ Dog By KA Nuzum

K. A. Nuzum’s new book, The Leanin’ Dog, tells a first person narrative story about a young girl named Dessa Dean who is eleven years old. She is a victim of her own mind’s fear, the fear of leaving her home, known as agoraphobia. What helps Dessa to deal with the pain and tragedy in her life comes in the form of a canine friend.

The Dog Days Of Charlotte Hayes By Marlane Kennedy – A Review

Twelve year old Charlotte Hayes is a nice kid but not a dog person. Charlotte’s dad brings home an adorable Saint Bernard puppy and she is not happy about it. She is the one who is supposed to help care for it and she could care less about it.

Little Polar Bear And The Whales By Hans De Beer – A Children’s Book Review

Hans de Beers creates a beautiful, amusing, and educational tale for youngsters along with his talented watercolor pictures and his heroic character, the Little Polar Bear. Lars, the Little Polar Bear appears in a story where the weather in his North Pole home is making trouble for some new found friends.

No Surprise When Corinne Demas Writes – VALENTINE SURPRISE, With Illustrations by RW Alley

these two talents combine to give young readers a lovely story just in time for Valentine’s Day. When the dedicated artist and loving daughter Lily realizes there is only one week until Valentine’s Day, she wants to make her Mommy a Valentine that will be just perfect.

A Joyous Review of ALWAYS IN TROUBLE by Corinne Demas (Author) And Noah Z Jones (Illustrator)

Toby, in ALWAYS IN TROUBLE, is a pound type pup of the “generic” breed that is white and tan and just adorable. HOWEVER, can one still love Toby when he exhibits such wayward, undisciplined behavior? Young readers will easily learn the days of the week through the repetition as they read about Toby’s mishaps each day.

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