The Kissing Hand read by Barbara Bain

Not Norman – A Goldfish Story by Kelly Bennett

Every child faces the excruciating agony of choosing the perfect pet. Maybe he or she dreams of romping through the backyard with man’s best friend, or snuggling in bed with a soft, furry kitten. But a fish? Not Norman is a wonderful book that teaches about misjudging something or somebody.

How We Know What We Know About Our Changing Climate by Lynne Cherry

We’ve all heard of global warming, but how many of us really know the facts behind it all? When our weather changes, how can we really tell that the Earth’s climate is changing?

Porkenstein by Kathryn Lasky

Most kids are fascinated with The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf. So if you’ve read The Three Little Pigs a million times and need a bit of a change, then this is the book for you.

Winston of Churchill by Jean Davies Okimoto

Winston of Churchill was the 2008 winner of the Green Earth Book Award and after reading this book, I can see why. Winston of Churchill: One Bear’s Battle Against Global Warming is a wonderful picture book that addresses the serious issue of global warming.

Litterbug Doug in the Missions of Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel

Litterbug Doug is lazy. He is wasteful. He is messy. But worst of all, he hates recycling!

Marshall Mouse by Camille Blue Amy

The sight of a little brown mouse wearing green high-tops is reason alone for buying this book. Marshall Mouse lives with his parents, Mortimer and Mabel, and uncles Grant and David in the attic of a laundry room. His favorite thing to do is peer down into the house to see what he can see. What does he see– a pair of green high-tops!

Recycle This Book – 100 Top Children’s Book Authors Tell You How to Go Green

This is a collection of essays from renowned children’s books authors. As the title indicates, 100 authors come together to compile simple tips for families to use to help save the planet and have fun while doing it.

Mommy’s Having a Watermelon by Danny and Kim Adlerman

In this laugh-out-loud story, children’s book veterans Danny and Kim Adlerman bring to life that saying every expecting Mom dreads to hear, “You look like you’ve got a watermelon in there!” The story is in easy-reader format for children ages 7-10 and is told in six very short chapters, making it a quick and fun read.

Book Review – “An Umbrella For Alex,” by Rachel Rashkin, MS

An Umbrella for Alex, by Rachel Rashkin, is a book published by Personality Disorder Awareness Network. It is written for children to read with a parent or therapist to learn about the emotional storms from a parent with Borderline Personality Disorder and reassure children that they are not responsible for their parents’ mood swings.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

When my eight year old granddaughter told me there was a book she wanted I didn’t waste any time. I knew nothing about “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” but in my opinion any book that gets a kid that excited and asking for a trip to the book store is a good thing.

Green RADventures Helping to Grow Environmental Children

The Green RADventures of Nico, a series of earth-friendly kids stories, written by Paul Wozniak and illustrated by J.C. Jones, simply and succinctly convey to kids the importance of green living. The characters touch on a variety of environmental topics including recycling, climate change and conservation. They also introduce socially responsible behaviors such as volunteerism, care for animals, friendship and kindness. Overall, these books can help parents to better grow environmental children.

Baron Thinks Dogs Are People Too by Laurie Dean – A Review

Kids love books about cute furry dogs, especially cute, furry, rambunctious dogs. And Baron Thinks Dogs are People too is sure to be a favorite “dog” book among kids everywhere.

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