The Night I Followed the Dog read by Amanda Bynes

Middle Grade Book Review – Garden of Eve

Evie and her mom had a very special relationship where they were able to bring their imaginations into the world of magic through bedtime stories. Evie longs for the days before her mother became ill, but it is not to be when her mother dies. In hopes of a new start Evie and her father move to Beaumont, New York where Evie takes a journey into a fairy tale of her own.

The First “Press and Play” Children’s Talking Bible Storybook

Unable to read on their own, preschoolers learn through sight and sound. This is a new concept in learning.

Children’s Books – Base of Wisdom

The misanthropist knows the cost of everything and the worth of nothing. As such you should try to develop reading habits among the children to teach the right values of life. It is an important habit and needs to be cultivated among the children.

Great Moments In Hardy Boys History

Long before reading was fundamental or Harry Potter and Captain Underpants burst onto the scene with magic and scatological humor (respectively), there were The Hardy Boys – the well-groomed, good-natured, parent-friendly siblings who attracted heinous crimes like Curious George attracts malfunctioning candy factories. Here are a few great and not so great moments from the history of the Hard Boys.

Children’s Books – Bring Pleasures For Your Kids

Children’s books are needed in almost every family these days. Such books help kids in shaping up their thought process and also give them useful knowledge.

The Escapades of Two Adorable Raccoons

This is a delightful picture book sure to be loved by young children! Composed of three different stories and an activity section, The Misadventures of Rooter & Snuffle will keep kids entertain for a long time.

Best Children Books – Storehouse of Knowledge and Fun

The best children books give the children great entertainment and joy along with awareness and education. These books are full of information, exciting facts and lessons that are highly beneficial for children.

Children Books – The Importance Of Children Books

Children books fall in special category, uniquely designed to describe the fantasies in exaggerated manner. These books help to develop the imagination and reading habits of the children.

Children Books Store – Get the Best Books for Children

Children have always loved reading books. Books are their best companion and give them knowledge. They love to read and get complete information regarding various aspects of life.

Herman of Herm Island

I was at the Stamford arts festival in February and amongst the usual racks and boxes and piles of books in the literary exhibition, one stall caught my eye. It was laid out with a tempting array of pebbles and shells, and was drawing the fingers of any little people who passed by. Stones, shells and pieces of seaweed were laid out in patterns that suggested games – games one could make up or develop with a friend.

Good-Bye Baby Max

Good-bye Baby Max is a wonderful children’s book for those who are coping with the end of life. A former kindergarten teacher who currently works as a professional counselor and life coach in Texas wrote the hardcover book. The author, Diane Cantrell, states that the book was written to stimulate discussion on a topic that is often difficult to broach.

Interview with LW Lewis, Author of “Poodles, Tigers, Monsters & You”

Author L.W. Lewis’ uncanny ability to write on an adult level, but through a child’s eyes enables him to craft poems that readers of all ages genuinely enjoy. Lewis’ latest humorous children’s poetry book, “Poodles, Tigers, Monsters & You,” has already found a widespread, enthusiastic audience, including special praise from ADD, ADHD and autistic children, who are attracted to the book’s whimsical illustrations, ever-changing subject matter and brevity of the poems.

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