To Be A Drum read by James Earl Jones

Choosing Children’s Books

Children need to have a variety of reading experiences if they are going to learn to make good decisions. How to choose children’s books for your students is going to be challenging task, but if you follow a few recommended steps, you should end up with a variety of good, informational and interesting books for them to explore as they become discerning readers and decision makers.

American Diaries – Janey G Blue, Pearl Harbor 1941 – Book Review

Janey loves the trees, fresh fruit and all the people on Oahu but she misses Kansas and her best friend Tilly even more. Besides, all the talk of impending war makes Janey nervous and scared. The evening before December 7, 1941 Janey writes in her diary “Last night after the Christmas concert the grown-ups got going about the war again. Holy Golly, I am sick of hearing it. Its bad enough we have to listen to the planes from Hickam Field drill all the time. Some pilots pretend to be invading and the others practice defending the harbor and the airfields and they all pretend to fight. It’s so noisy that Pokey (dog) hides under the bed.”

Skellig – A Book Review

Michael, his baby sister and his parents move into what the real estate agent calls a fixer upper but Michael sees it for what it is. A horrible dump where the floor is full of cracks and holes. The old rickety abandoned shed out in the yard is another eyesore and Michael is warned to stay out. Of course as soon as you tell a teenager don’t go in there, what do you think he or she will do? Michael never imagines he will see anything other than junk and a mouse or two.

The Magic Kerchief – Book Review

Kirby Larson has written a captivating original folktale with a message everyone can relate to. The story may be set in the past but is all too timely for today. The protagonist, Griselda, the town “grouch”, reluctantly offers a stranger a place to stay after she mysteriously appears at Griselda’s door. In fact, Griselda was quite snappy with the visitor and was ready to have her sleep on the floor by the fire but the visitor fell asleep in Griselda’s bed. The next morning, the kind visitor insisted on repaying for Griselda’s kindness with a magical scarf, promising it held great riches.

Book Review – Strawberry Girl

Lois Lenski was awarded the Newbery Medal in 1946 for Strawberry Girl. This is one of many books Lenski wrote with an emphasis on regional stories allowing young readers to get a taste of how American children lived during the early part of the twentieth century. Strawberry Girl is an interesting read. At first glance the title and the cover picture of a young girl carrying a fruit basket can mislead the reader to expect a cute little story of a young girl who loves strawberries. Conversely, the story is more about clashes and tribulations between farmers and cattlemen along with how they resolved violent conflict than it is picking strawberries.

Interview With Children’s Author Claudia Mills

Claudia Mills received her B.A. degree from Wellesley College, her M.A. degree from Princeton University, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton University. She also received an M.L.S. degree from the University of Maryland, with a concentration in children’s literature. She worked as an editorial assistant at Four Winds Press (Scholastic) and as an editor at the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy at the University of Maryland. Since 1991 she has taught philosophy, first as an assistant professor at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County, then as an assistant professor and now as an associate professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Crispin the Cross of Lead – Book Review

Newbery Medal winner of 2003, Crispin The Cross of Lead is an action packed historical novel set in the 1380’s of England’s peasant revolt. The protagonist is a thirteen year old peasant boy known only as “Asta’s Son” (Asta being the boys mother) because he has never been called by his own name. In fact he doesn’t know he has a name until his mother dies. The village priest discloses he baptized him and gave him the Christian name of Crispin.

Maybe We Are Flamingos – A Book Review

Maybe is a safe word. It does not mean yes and it does not mean no. It gives a person time to think about a problem and prevents impulsive decisions. Maybe We Are Flamingos is a delightful story of two baby Flamingos, Flora and Fernando in the first year of their life.

Trading Places – Book Review

Amy and Todd Davidson learn that things in life rarely turn out perfectly and that labels don’t always fit. Amy and Todd are fraternal twins who get along as well as any other brother or sister except they share the same birthday and the same classroom. This is where the similarity stops. Amy is the poet, sentimental and a bookworm while Todd is the engineer, super organized and an over achiever.

First Christmas by Alastair Macdonald – A Classic is Born

A book review generally consists of a perusal of the writer’s style, the story line and the flow and the viability of the subject matter. That would be nearly impossible with Alastair Macdonald’s “First Christmas.” Both the birth of Christ and the birth of Macdonald’s book hold far too much for one brief review. Here is part one of two or perhaps three.

Harry Potter – Magical Creatures Hanging – Revivify Your Senses!

Reading books is always considered as a good habit for the human beings. This habit not only teaches us new things and wisdom but it also takes us away from all our tensions. Moreover, the books like Harry Potter: Magical Creatures Hanging helps the readers to forget all their worries while entering into a wholly new world of magic.

Charlotte’s Web Review

When Opposites Work Together. The concept of “Yin and Yang” originated in ancient China. The concept describes two main opposing but complementary forces or principles that are found in objects and processes in the universe. Yin is the darker element, often related to the feminine aspect, and the night. Yang, on the other hand, is associated with the brighter element the masculine aspect, and also with the day (Wikipedia).

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