Trombone Shorty Read By Angela Bassett

The Red Cape Book Review – Active Learning for Young Readers

A New Children’s Story Book with Surprising Twists and Turns of Destiny! Written along the lines of classics like Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel, this storybook is created to stir many thoughts in its readers’ minds. The story is full of dramatic turn of events and compels readers and listeners to revisit the true meaning of Christmas, emotions and life through its main protagonist.

Kid’s Fun Information Concerning China And Its Society

China is roughly the same size as America. Its populace is regarding 1.5 billion. Individuals that live below have a detailed and unique culture that can be mapped for centuries back. It is essential to educate kids regarding exactly how other people in various locations of the globe live and exactly how various they are. This will certainly help the cherish varied culture across the globe.

Book Review of “In the Amazon With My Pajamas On”

Follow the adventures of the little boy who finds himself in the jungles of Amazon with his pajamas on! Go with him as he tries to find his way out of the jungle to his cozy little bed.

Review of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Nightingale

This is a review of Hans Christian Andersen’s Nightingale. This is a classic tale from the author. I had earlier reviewed his ugly ‘Ugly Duckling’…

Fruit Salad – Children’s Book Review (Rating: 4 Out of 5 Stars)

This is a book review of the book ‘Fruit Salad’ by Richard Swan. It is about an apple going through its life wondering what to do with itself.

How to Choose the Right Book Formatting Service

In this article you’ll understand the importance of finding the right person to do the formatting of your book. A lot of book formatting website nowadays are coming out but the question is who do you think is the right one?

“The Ugly Duckling” – A Book Review

I somehow never had the opportunity to read this classic tale in its original format written by Hans Christian Andersen. I have read condensed stories based on his book and I never quite cared for the story other than the fact that it provided an interesting concept one could debate about. The plot of the story goes something like this – our hero is born very ugly amidst three other beautiful ducklings.

Teen Fantasy Adventure Books For Young Adults – The Triple Threat Approach

Modern literary and cinematic hits like Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games targeted at teen and young adult audiences have translated into huge profit for authors, publishers and film producers alike, but their success may boil down to good old fashioned escapism and what could be called a triple threat technique of appealing to a significantly wide range of readers. Arguably, the success of young adult fantasy books can be accredited to a writer’s and publisher’s ability to manufacture brands that resonate with the needs and desires of this most impressionable and diverse coming of age demographic, and it appears…

Timmy: The Adventure Starts In London

Have you ever read a children’s book based on real life stories and tales? Most children’s books are based on creative imagination and fairy-tale stories. Using creative imagination and real-life experiences, Timmy: The Adventures of the Alarm Clock Boy is written with a real-life twist by an author with an unusual passion.

How To Choose A Suitable Audio Book For Your Kids

Audio books are a great way for children to listen to stories while they are doing other things or while you are driving the car. It is important to choose an audio book that is appropriate to your child. I wanted to write an article to help you do this.

A Writer’s Review of the Gregor the Overlander Series by Suzanne Collins

Rats, Bats, and Cockroaches, Oh, My! A writer’s review of the Gregor the Overlander series by Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins. For teachers and parents looking for an enticing fantasy series for middle grade readers, Gregor might be a perfect fit.

Letting Grow: A Fairy Tale, By: Joan Ortiz

Rhythmically floating to the flutter of fairies’ wings, this poetic book dances on the minds of young recipients of bedtime storytelling, creating both a visual and loving embrace. Letting Grow, also implying “Letting Go” tells of the imagination of a girl, Julia, just a baby in the arms of her mother, drifting off into the semi-conscious part of sleep; dreaming of fairies flying through nature. In this secure imaginary world, Joan Ortiz takes the reader vicariously on a journey upon the wings of tiny fairies, first effortlessly flying through the sky and over the ocean, over…

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