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Why do we have ornaments on a Christmas tree? Is the reason decoration? Many trees combine ornaments given as remembrances of family members or memorable events. Would you be surprised to discover that there is a purpose for the decorations, probably one that has been kept a secret from you?

Book Review of “Roxaboxen”

Remember the fun of imagination when you played as a child? The older we get, we become nostalgic of those days. This book may inspire you to write down those memories to pass on to your own children.

Father’s Day: Celebrate With 3 New Picture Books

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June and was first established in the early 1900’s to honor fatherhood and father figures. President Richard Nixon made Father’s Day a permanent national holiday and signed it into law in 1972.

New Children’s Book Teaches Friendship While Educating About History and Animals

Karen Shea’s beautifully illustrated new book “Clark the Mountain Beaver and His Big Adventure” teaches children about friendship and how to accept one another’s differences, while also educating them about animals and the Lewis and Clark expedition. This charming book will be a favorite with children for its cute characters and Disney-like illustrations.

Little Boy Gan, By: Lisa McDonald – Book Review

“The Beginning,” is how Lisa McDonald ends her book, a technique that completely captured my thoughts by surprise and reverberated the lessons of her story in my mind. Little Boy Gan from Passion-Filled Everland is a creative collaboration of indelible images along with a timeless storyline resulting in a delightful literary asset to any personal collection or library. Perfect for bedtime reading to a child, or for anyone to just to take a few moments throughout one’s day, McDonald draws upon the ageless power of gratitude to amplify the awareness of the moment and to accent the…

The Little Parrot and the Angel’s Tears, By: M. Anu Narasimhan – Book Review

Beautifully bound and illustrated, this short children’s story found its origin in the verbal storytelling of past generations, finally making it to print in this delightful bedtime storybook. Written and illustrated by M. Anu Narasimhan, The Little Parrot and the Angel’s Tears has a poetic beat and rhyme, telling the tale of a brave little parrot, needing to save his friends from a forest fire.

The ColorFeeling Picture Book Series Written by Esther Adler and Illustrated by Shrutkirti Kaushal

Book Review by Carla M. Paton I have a background in Child Education and Development and a Masters in Psychology, and I found these books to be quite remarkable.

Tracking Down a Long Lost Friend

When author Ginal LoBiondo was just a little girl she, like many other children, had a toy bear. She loved him and cared for him. Like most children she took her little bear everywhere she went.

Reasons Why You Should Always Wish Upon a Star

Daniel Harvell has been writing since he was ten years old. With hard work and efforts he has found the secret to making a wish come true.

Title: The Magic of Friendship, By: Subhash Kommuru – Book Review

The Magic of Friendship is a delightful allegorical story about a gander that tells his juvenile son about a fierce tiger that incurs fear among all the animals in the Tadoba Forest. While the two prepare a time of celebration with other animals in the forest, they happen to fall upon a serendipitous object lesson. Incorporating themes of bullying and friendship amid the Indian culture, Kommuru’s recent book has great potential to connect with children internationally.

Inculcate Reading Habits in Children

Charles Eliot had his facts right. Anyone who has befriended the written word would never be lonely. All booklovers know that they can live several lives, travel innumerable places and do myriad things through their books. You get to see the perspective of another person and find out that you are not the absolute authority on the topic.

Fighting for Freedom and General Washington, By: Michael Justin Lee

Born as twins thirteen years prior, Alexander and Amanda Lee had been inseparable since that time. They had grown up in a loving household, a small farm in Virginia during the 1700′s. Both found safety and support on this farm; as part of a famous family, their parents were able to provide them with a well-developed education, including tutoring in language and literature.

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