Zombies Don’t Eat Veggies! read by Jaime Camil

A Review of the Dinosaur Detectives Handbook – A Dinosaur Book for Children

The dinosaur detectives handbook is a well-written dinosaur book aimed at children from five years and upwards. It is packed full of interesting dinosaur and prehistoric animal facts and figures and with lots of illustrations it is proving to be very popular with young dinosaur fans.

Preschool Curriculum – Build The Child’s Future Striking the Right Notes

In the recent years, parents are starting to teach their kids even before sending them to schools. The competition has become so tough now a day that the kids need to be given certain elementary knowledge beforehand, otherwise they will not be able to get admission to the regular schools. This has given rise to the concept of pre-schooling of the kids.

The Great Book of Dinosaurs Reviewed

Young dinosaur fans aged from five years and upwards will enjoy this fact-filled, hardback dinosaur book which contains over two hundred illustrations. Written in a nice, big font, this colourful dinosaur and prehistoric animal book will help encourage young readers, the 124 pages are well-laid out and the text consists of lots of short, clear paragraphs aimed at encouraging young people with their reading skills.

The Little Book of Dinosaurs Reviewed

An ideal stocking filler for young dinosaur fans this Christmas is the pocket-sized “Little Book of Dinosaurs”, packed with facts and figures about some of the most fascinating creatures that lived in prehistoric times. There are something like sixty dinosaurs featured in this informative and colourful dinosaur book.

The Dinosaur Dictionary (Book) Reviewed

Many parents and guardians are keen to encourage reading and one way to motivate a child to read more is to provide them with books that they enjoy about subjects they are interested in. Within the United Kingdom many primary schools are moving towards a more creative curriculum and dinosaurs are becoming increasingly popular with teachers and teaching assistants as a term topic. A new “dinosaur dictionary” ticks all the boxes for teachers, parents and for young dinosaur enthusiasts.

Books For Teaching Children About Right and Wrong

A number of expertly written books are available in the market to help parents and teachers to teach the values of honesty, right, and wrong to children during their formative years. A review of these books will provide more information about the usefulness of these mediums as teaching tools for children.

Jamie and the Angel Book Review – An Enlightening Children’s Book

Jamie and the Angel is a short little story of understanding. It brings the reader into the real life situation that many children face, but with a real heartfelt answer.

Read Before Gifting

The Watsons are an African-American family living in Flint, MI in 1963. A family trip to Birmingham, AL coincides with a tragedy at the local church, an event pulled from history. Though this is a family living in a very different time you can still relate to their troubles, share in their joys and feel their pain. If you purchase this book for someone else, I highly recommend you read it yourself first.

An Intriguing Book Review on “Five Go Off To Camp” a Famouse Five Adventure by Enid Blyton

Many of you might not have read this book in the Famous Five series at all. But let me tell me it inspired me to read more of Enid Blyton’s books when I was just a 10 year old. By writing a review about this book I strongly believe to spread the name of this not-so-famous-book of the series but still is the reason for the commencement of my article writing.

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams Review

Children and adult alike have fantasies and dreams of watching toys come to life and watch them live and learn new things. In fact, there are plenty of books written with this kind of theme and idea. One particular book is The Velveteen Rabbit, a children’s book written by Margery Williams and illustrated by William Nicholson.

Favourite Dinosaur Books (Part 1)

Books have been written about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals for more than one hundred and fifty years.  As our knowledge regarding these long extinct creatures has grown so the number of titles dedicated to the Dinosauria has increased. It is fascinating to examine books that were read when you were growing up to see how our perceptions concerning dinosaurs have changed.

Best Books For Toddlers – The Ultimate Book Guide For Your Children

There is no greater joy than sharing a wonderful story with your children. This best books for toddlers list includes some of the best and most recommended books to read your little ones and share with them many more wonderful moments. Enjoy.

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